Tila Paris Walters


Tila grew up in San Francisco California where she studied theatre at
the prestigious American Conservatory Theatre Company. She moved to
Pennsylvania along with her mother to be closer to family. While attending
Wilkes University Tila reconnected with her now husband Kevin Walters.
They have happily been together for thirteen years, married for five. They
have three beautiful daughters together Nyasha who is eleven and twin girls
Ailena Rose and Aliyah Victoria that they welcomed this past November
(2011). They live in the historic section of Wilkes-Barre down from their
alma mater Wilkes University. Tila graduated in 2002 with a BA in Theatre
Arts. Tila has spent much of her time teaching theatre to the youth and
perfecting her craft while performing with regional theatre groups. A few of
her favorite performances were in Nunsense and Plaza Suite at the Grove.
Also The Odd Couple and Doubt at the Electric Theatre Company. Tila has
been fortunate to make long lasting friendships with many of the wonderful
people she has worked with. All who add to her continued growth and make
each experience memorable.

As a natural extension of her theatre roots Tila is a vocalist who has
been studying since age eleven. She has performed with various groups and
local musicians. Tila feels blessed to be with Picture Perfect Band now for
over three years. “We are a family. It’s a very comfortable, relaxed, fun
experience when we are on stage together. We are all professionals so we
push each other to strive for more with each performance. That’s one reason
I think we are so good and why we all just work together. It’s like chocolate
and peanut butter, it’s meant to be together and you just can’t get enough.
The most rewarding experiences for me are when people comment on how
much they’ve enjoyed listening to our music. They want to find out about
our next gig so they can come out again. That solidifies for me that we are
doing our job.” Tila is looking forward to the years ahead with Picture
Perfect Band helping to make each wedding even more memorable and
every other gig better than the last.


  • Tila Paris Walters
  • Plays Vocals