John Olcese


First off, don’t believe anything John says. According to legend, he quit school at ten years of age and ran away from home to study piano at a conservatory located at the base of the Dabie Mountains range in central China. Unfortunately, after several months of being a stowaway aboard a ship called “Broaden Your Horizons,” he discovered that it was quite impossible to get to central China on a fishing boat.

After this unfortunate set-back, he had the incredible opportunity to perform on the now cancelled TV Series YES, EVEN YOU CAN BE A MUSICIAN.

He claims his musical background covers everything from Polkas to Jazz, but he’s still trying to figure out why they put the black keys on the piano, constantly complaining because they get in the way. After traveling the world without a GPS, he is “thrilled” to use his EZ-Pass to perform with the amazing Picture

Perfect Band!


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