Edwin Velez


Edwin Velez Bio

What got you into music? My
Dad was a musician and a Ieader
of a band. When they were done,

myjob was toput all the
I instruments away, but, before I

did, I wouId play them.

WhereMfith whom have you
studied music? I never studied

music I only pray with heart and
by ear

Who is your greatest
influence? Marc Anthony

What can you tell me about
your instrument? My instrument

I is not very popular in Northeast
PA, but, where I come from it’s a
very popular insuument.

‘ How do you handle mistakes _
during a performance? fix them
and move on.

‘ It you didn’t become a
musician. what would you be
doing instead? Be a normal
person and be more active with

‘ law enforcement.

If you coutd collaborate with
any musician, who wouid it be?
I’m doing it now—the Picture
Perfect band.

‘ Do you think you coutd get any
better as a musician? I’m
always open to Ieaming and
getting better.

If you had one message for
people who come out to see

Picture Perfect, what would it
be? Come and have some fun

and eruby the talent on stage.

How did you become a member
of Picture Perfect? By luck. God

has blessed me.

Is there a particular song or
musical passage that never

‘ fails to move you emotionatly?
There are so many: but definitely
when Stacey sings “Rapture” and
“Ice Castfes. ”

How would you describe your

‘ perfect day? Playing music at a
nice venue.

‘ What do you value the most?
‘ My ram

Whowoutd you be nervousto


  • Edwin Velez
  • Plays Vocals, Percussion